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Delivering the Diagnosis

Recognizing the challenges healthcare providers face when delivering the diagnoses of Down syndrome, the MDSC can provide critical support. As a first step, we recommend the following resources:
                                                                                            Photo by Kendra Dew Phographic Inc.

      • Please reference the Mom with Baby black and white“best practices” for health care professionals delivering a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis from the American Journal of Medical Genetics.
      • The Brighter Tomorrows website includes an interactive tutorial that guides health care professionals in delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome. You may also want to direct new and expectant parents to this website to for information.
          • The MDSC Parents First Call Program provides accurate, up-to-date information, and gives parents an opportunity to speak with a trained parent mentor. Our resources and connections are free and confidential. If you are a healthcare provider, you can connect a new or expectant family to the Parents First Call Program in one of the following ways:

You can also find information for new and expectant parents on our Information for Expectant Parents and Information for New Parents pages.