Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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Honorary Board

In 2009 the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress announced the formation of an Honorary Board of Directors to help the organization expand its capabilities and strategic goals.

The Honorary Board of Directors serves in an advisory capacity to the organization’s regular Board of Directors.

MDSC Honorary Board Members:

  • Mrs. Beverly Beckham and Mr. Bruce Beckham
  • Mrs. Louise Borke and Mr. Gerald Brecher
  • Mr. Sean Buckley and Mrs. Sandra Buckley
  • Mr. Francis Callaghan and Mrs. Gillian Callaghan
  • Dr. Brian Cruz  
  • Mrs. Deborah Gregorio Cruz
  • Mrs. Danielle and Mr. Anthony DeCotis
  • Mr. Edward DeNoble and Mrs. Allyson DeNoble
  • Dr. Jim DeVellis 
  • Mr. Brian Diercksen and Mrs. Suzanne Diercksen
  • Mrs. Nancy Donahue
  • Mrs. Lauren Beckham Falcone 
  • Mr. Oliver Foley and Mrs. Kinnon Foley
  • Mr. Charles Gadbois and Mrs. Karen Gadbois
  • Mr. Michael Gunter
  • Mr. Roger Kafker and Mrs. Dawn Kafker
  • Mr. David Kelleher and Mrs. Liza Kelleher
  • Ms. Ann Kelly
  • Ms. Katherine Craven and Dr. James Kryzanski
  • Dr. Harlow LaBarge
  • Mr. Neal Lyons and Mrs. Kathy Lyons
  • Mr. Andrew Majewski and Mrs. Lisa Majewski
  • Dr. Sohail Masood and Mrs. Mona Masood
  • Mr. Robert Mills and Mrs. Laurie Mills
  • Mr. Stephen Narey and Mrs. Donna Narey
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Jessica Padula
  • Mr. John Campbell and Ms. Susanna Peyton
  • Mr. William and Mrs. Peg Regan
  • Mr. John Reichenbach and Mrs. Lynn Reichenbach
  • State Representative Tom Sannicandro
  • Mr. James Shay and Mrs. Monica Shay
  • Dr. Brian Skotko and Ms. Carrie Liken
  • Dr. Mitchell and Gwen Sokoloff
  • State Senate President Karen Spilka
  • Mr. Brian Stevens and Mrs. Kathryn Stevens
  • Mr. Jonathan Tabasky and Mrs. Kerri Tabasky
  • Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Susie Tapley
  • Mr. Scott and Mrs. Gail Trinque
  • Mrs. Barbara Vanderwilden
  • Mr. John Vanderwilden 
  • Mr. Christopher Vincze and Mrs. Janet Vincze
  • Mr. James Whalen and Mrs. Diane Conley