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Statewide Buddy Walk Program

BuddyWalk2018 Three Walks

The MDSC Buddy Walk Program is the largest public awareness platform promoting acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome in Massachusetts.

Each year, we hold 3 Buddy Walks across the state: Buddy Walk by the Sea in Hyannis, Buddy Walk & Harvest Fair in Westborough, and Buddy Walk & Family Festival in Wakefield.

MDSC Buddy Walks are events where people gather to celebrate the Down syndrome community and enjoy a fun day with family and friends. We hope you will join us on July 29, Sept. 16 or Oct. 7. 

Register by clicking the photos below for the respective walks:

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2018 Theme

extraordinary stories

Our loved ones with Down syndrome, each of whom has an extracopy of chromosome 21, not only have stories to tell, they have Extraordinary Stories.

Our stories resonate deeply, in part, because outside our community,the public often has little to no knowledge about what people with Down syndrome are capable of. Our families, friends, neighbors, schoolteachers, co-workers, doctors often don’t know who we are, how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

In 2018, we are thrilled to work with our members to explore our individual and collective Extraordinary Stories. This year, we will be digging deep with you, our members, to spread the word about our accomplishments, correct the countless misperceptions, educate othersabout our challenges, document the discrimination, and ultimately, help the world understand the uniqueness of each and every individualwith Down syndrome.

Our stories are truly extraordinary, and we can’t wait to share yourExtraordinary Stories with the world.

2017 Buddy Walk

Governor Baker and self advocates

Last year, we were proud to mark the 21st anniversary of our Buddy Walk Program -- 21 years and now 3 Walks. All to celebrate our loved ones with a 3rd copy of their 21st chromosome!

For the first ime in the history of our walk, a sitting governor was a special guest. Thanks to Governor Charlie Baker for celebrating our loved ones and our community with us for this extra special occasion. 


About the Buddy Walk

The MDSC Buddy Walk® Program gives individuals, schools, community groups, and local businesses across the state an opportunity to get involved in fundraising campaigns and events year-round, all intended to promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. 

The statewide campaign is anchored by our signature Buddy Walk & Family Festival. It also includes major and minor events throughout Massachusetts, such as Buddy Walk by the Sea on Cape Cod, the Buddy Walk & Harvest Fair in Central Massachusetts, a number of school fundraisers, and other fundraisers endorsed by the MDSC.

This past year alone, we provided support to 157 new and expectant families. These families are counting on us to push the envelope every day to ensure that their loved ones with Down syndrome have every opportunity to lead a meaningful fulfilling life.

Funds raised by the MDSC Buddy Walk Program go toward critical programs and services including:

Parents First Call, Advocates in Motion (AIM), Self Advocate Advisory Council, Educator's Forum, Educator's Manual, Annual Conference, Legislative Advocacy on a state and national level, Allen Crocker Self Advocate Internship Program, Your Next Star Employment Campaign and so much more. 

All of these programs have directly led to better lives for people with Down syndrome in Massachusetts and beyond. Join us and be a part of the warmth and determination of our community. 

So click on the images above to Start a team., Join a Team, Sponsor a Walker, Be a Virtual Walker, or Sponsor the walk. 

National Buddy Walk Program

The Buddy Walk is an advocacy initiative launched in 1995 by The National Down Syndrome Society. It serves as a vehicle to generate significant awareness and understanding of Down syndrome nationally, while simultaneously raising critical funds to support local programs and services offered by The MDSC. As a proud affiliate of The NDSS, a portion of all proceeds from Buddy Walk campaigns go to support national advocacy initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals with Down syndrome. 

If you're interested getting involved in the Buddy Walk program, please email us at buddywalk@mdsc.org or click on one of the events below for more information.

Buddy Walk & Harvest Fair (Sept. 16, Westborough)

Buddy Walk & Family Festival (October 7, Wakefield)

Buddy Walk Family Picnic