Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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Education Task Force

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Education Task Force Core Values
 Education Task Force Mission & Vision Statement
MDSC Educator's Guide to Meaningful Inclusion

Ed Task Force

If the child does not learn the way you teach,
can you teach the way he learns? ~Harry Chasty

The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress Education Task Force formed in 2009 to increase communication and collaboration between Massachusetts’ educators and the parents of students with Down syndrome.

Comprised of 20 education professionals, the task force provides quality information and on-going support to Massachusetts educators and their students with Down syndrome. The group’s top priority is ensuring that students with Down syndrome receive the most meaningful learning opportunities possible.

Members most recently completed a project aimed squarely at this goal: The production of a comprehensive Educators Manual for teaching students with Down syndrome. The Educators Manual is a research-based resource guide that includes information, strategies and best practices for educating students with Down syndrome in inclusive classrooms and schools.

The task force members provide the perspective of teachers “in the trenches” and, because of this, work hard to develop a speaker program for our conferences that will meet the needs of teachers working in schools. In addition, the task force is continually seeking new and innovative ways to provide information to teachers in an engaging, accessible way that takes into consideration the great demands that are already being placed upon teachers’ time.

On behalf of the MDSC Education Task Force, we want to thank all those who have already provided their leadership and steadfast commitment to helping students with Down syndrome reach their full potential. We are highly respectful of the hard work of teachers and look forward to future collaborations and productive partnerships.