Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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AIM group does zumba

Nowadays, there are many, many resources available to self-advocates and their families that did not exist even a generation ago. While this is very exciting, it can also feel overwhelming. Below are resource pages on several of the big areas to consider as self-advocates plan for their future and create their own unique, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

The road to work takes a lot of time and planning, but you don't have to do it alone! Your family, school, adult agency, and employment organizations can help you as you explore jobs, gain experience, and find a career that suits you.

Transition is the process of leaving high school to enter 'the real world'. Transition usually happens when you turn 22, but you might transition before then if you graduate early. Lots of things change during transition, but you can have a voice in shaping your adult life!

Do you dream of someday living on your own? There are many options for independent living and many different ways to create your own unique living situation!

Staying active and having friendships are an important part of being happy. Whether you are looking for activities to do or social skills guidance, there are resources to help.