Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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Housing for Self Advocates

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Transition Resources
 Social/Recreational Resources
Employment Resources

Many adults with Down syndrome dream of moving out of their family's home and finding their own place to live. There are many wonderful resources available to help self-advocates and their families help make this dream into a reality.

It is helpful to start the housing process by first asking yourself some important questions.

  • Where do you want to live? Do you want to be near family and friends? Do you need to be near public transportation? Would you prefer to live in the city, suburbs, or country?
  • What type of housing do you want? Do you want to live in an apartment? A condo? A house? Do you want to have one bedroom? Two? Three?
  • Who do you want to live with? Do you want to live by yourself? If you want to live with other people- how many?

Once you have thought about where you want to live, what kind of housing you want to live in, and who you want to live with, it's time to do some research. There are agencies that can help you and your family set up supports (from hiring staff to funding your living situation) so that you can successfully live on your own.